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Rachel Cooke

How did you get into coaching?

When I moved to Norfolk in 2013 I was new to the area and found myself volunteering at parkrun regularly. I work in partnership with Active Norfolk and was keen to get involved in more of their work and become part of the local community. Active Norfolk funded my Leadership in Running Fitness (LIRF) course and once qualified I began coaching beginners running groups on the Fun & Fit programme, amongst others.

Why do you coach?

I have run casually since a young age and always enjoyed just doing it for the sake of it and found it very therapeutic. I am keen to share my passion for running with others and always encourage friends and family to take it up. I particularly enjoy teaching novice runners as I am an advocate for just doing it being as important as how far or fast you run! Through my groups I have met lots of lovely people who have started to feel positively about running and are reaping some of the benefits I have experienced through running.

Your current level of coaching?

Leadership in Running Fitness (LIRF) allowing me to lead adult only running groups.