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A fitness and safety awareness programme offering exercise and simple self-defence moves. The KickSister programme is aimed at women and young girls (aged 14+) to encourage more females to get active

About This Programme

KickSister is a programme for women and girls who embrace a wiggle, a jiggle and a proper workout, those who are not afraid to sweat, who want to work hard and feel good!

KickSister combines simple Taekwondo moves with a fitness programme and self-defence awareness training to females aged 14+. It's a way to keep fit, stay healthy, meet new friends and work those bodies in a space where you can relax and enjoy working out!

KickSister offers a soft entry into Taekwondo without having to take part in grading sessions, 1-2-1 sparring or competitions. It's a gentle introduction focussing on the benefits Taekwondo can offer women and girls.

The KickSister Instructor will put you through your paces to help you to get fit, have fun and learn some safety tips for when you are out and about. The class is structured around simple Taekwondo actions that can be used in everyday situations; and there is a route to join the full Taekwondo class (as a yellow belt) if you want to.

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