Young Adults in the Community

School isn’t the only place young adults are active

There are lots of benefits to young adults in being active active.

We know that physical activity supports children’s physical development, and helps them to maintain a healthy weight as they grow.

Sport and physical activity can also help to root young people to their communities, and provide a sense of belonging to something other than their family.

A group of young adults hanging out

And apart from the clear health benefits, physical activity also helps to boost young people’s mental health. It also provides opportunities to build confidence, develop new skills, make new friendships, and build resilience through overcoming challenges and navigating new situations.

We want to work with organisations that help shape young people’s lives outside of education settings. A significant influence on how young people spend their time comes from families, their peers and the places they live.

We want to work with those organisations who support positive outcomes for young people. Together we can help shape our communities and encourage those who can benefit most to become more active.

We can work with you to consider how physical activity can help achieve improved outcomes for young adults, as well as their families. For more information, get in touch. Or you can take a look at our insight page for youths here.

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