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Physical activity aids to help you recover if you've had COVID

Posted: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 11:16

Physical activity aids to help you recover if you've had COVID

As cases of COVID-19 infection continue to rise in our county and across the country, it's important to start to understand the physical impact that the virus can have on our bodies.

According to Moving Medicine, an initiative by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, "COVID-19 infection frequently leaves people feeling tired and weak, with shortness of breath and muscle pain performing simple tasks. Many also feel anxious or even depressed. Recovery can take longer than expected, and it can feel like you'll never get back to normal. Listen to your body to help you find the right balance between rest and activity while you get better."

Moving Medicine has worked with healthcare professionals and patients who have recovered from COVID to create a Top Tips leaflet that guides you through your recovery and back to wellness. Much of it is psychological - being kind to yourself and understanding you might not bounce back to your previous levels of fitness as quickly as you might hope.

Their leaflet covers 8 steps in the process:

1. Don't be afraid
2. Be kind to yourself
3. Rest up, sleep is magic
4. Think tortoise - it's a marathon not a sprint
5. Movement is the food of love
6. It won't be easy, but you will get better at it
7. You're not alone, even if you are alone
8. Keep listening

You can download the leaflet for more information on each of the tips here. It's a bit quirky - let's face it, we can all use a bit of humour right about now!

Another Covid recovery resource from the NHS is also packed with useful ideas and information to aid your recovery, and includes information on eating, sleeping, and looking after your mental health as well as incorporating exercise into your recovery.

These resources may be useful to you or someone you know now, or in future.

If you're looking for guided activities and advice on specific exercises, we've collated some of the great information from the NHS and Moving Medicine into our Recovering from Illness page, which will guide you through exercises you can do in bed, if you're still very weak, and through the improving stages in your recovery to help you keep moving as much as you're able as you recuperate. These resources are ideal for anyone recovering from a serious illness or living with a long term health condition, not just Covid-19.

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