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Physical Activity in Schools E-Learning Modules

Posted: Mon, 02 Nov 2020 09:56

Physical Activity in Schools E-Learning Modules

Active Norfolk have released a series of free e-learning modules to promote the benefits of physical activity for young people, and the impact lockdown has had on activity levels. The modules also provide updates on the PE & Sports Premium, and explore ways to maximise the impact of physical activity in schools.

Who are the videos for?

Physical activity in schools is a crucial topic to explore, now more than ever. With national restrictions in place from Thursday, schools will be key in overcoming the obstacles and providing opportunities for young people to be active throughout the lockdown. These online modules can be watched by anyone, but will be particularly useful for those who work in an educational setting. The videos will discuss the benefits of physical activity for those in schools, and how it can be ultimately used as a tool to improve outcomes for young people.

What else is covered?

The modules will explore how physical activity habits changed during the previous lockdown, providing key insight into the activity levels of young people and what impacted this. They will cover the benefits of physical activity, and provide information about how best to use the resources available, including funding, to improve the provision of PE, sport and physical activity in an educational setting.

How can I view the videos?

The videos are available now. Simply click the link below to get started, where you'll be asked to fill in a short form letting us know your name and school or organisation. This is simply to provide insight as to where the modules are being completed, and the information will not be shared with anyone.

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