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Safeguarding and child protection: new guidance issued for extra-curricular clubs

Posted: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 10:43

Safeguarding and child protection: new guidance issued for extra-curricular clubs

A leaflet has been published by the Department for Education providing information on keeping children safe in sports clubs and other extra-curricular activities. The guidance is designed to help out-of-school settings (OOSS) to create a safe environment for the children they work with.

Who is the guidance for?

All staff and volunteers working with children should ensure they are aware of the different risks and safeguarding issues which can exist within out-of-school sessions.

The information in the leaflet applies to various community activities, including after-school clubs, music lessons, sports training and other activities for children which take place without parents or carers present (excluding schools, colleges or childminding).

As part of your health and safety policy, you should carry out a risk assessment, and make yourself aware of the various safeguarding issues that can arise.

What's included in the leaflet?

The leaflet lays out a minimum level of practice to reduce the risk of harm to children in clubs or community-led activities. The guidance can be used by organisations who have not yet put safeguarding and child protection measures in place, as well as to check that any existing procedures are consistent with best practice.

The guidance is separated into four sections. These are health and safety requirements, safeguarding and child protection requirements, suitability of staff and volunteers and governance. Each section contains basic requirements for large providers, small providers and volunteers or self-employed persons laid out at the beginning of each so you only need to read the subheadings relevant to your setting.

How do I access the guidance?

To access the safeguarding guidance, visit this link. You'll be able to read the file online or download it for future use.

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