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One week remaining to submit a name our new Activity Finder!

Posted: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 14:40

One week remaining to submit a name our new Activity Finder!

People of Norfolk, we've got a mission for you! You have just one week to submit any entries for the Name the Finder competition, and have your say in the new Activity Finder for Norfolk.

As you know, this year has highlighted the importance of keeping fit and active for better health. In spite of the challenges faced by the Coronavirus pandemic, our mission remains to help Norfolk get active, and keep moving through these tough times. Being active is a fantastic way to improve your mood and reduce any symptoms of stress. It's good for your mental health and overall wellbeing to keep active wherever possible.

With this in mind, we have been investing in innovative new ways to offer Norfolk residents greater exercise opportunities which will help people of all ages and abilities get moving. Our brand new activity finder is our latest project, which we hope will encourage even more people to get moving this coming year.

What is the new activity finder?

The new activity finder will still retain all the features of the original. You'll be able to find the best places to get fit, whether you want to walk, run, dance or join a sports team. If you're running a class or session, you'll be able to spread the word around the county just as easily as before. However, we'll be adding on some exciting new features to make it bigger and better, and ensure even more people are able to join in.

What do we need from you?

This is where we need your help! Whilst we're in the process of building this great improved tool, we've decided to put the naming of it into your hands. That's right, the name is completely up to you to decide.

The name should incorporate the key themes of health, movement, and positivity. It should be snappy and fun, but most importantly it should be a name Norfolk is proud of. You're going to be the ones using it, after all!

How do I submit my name?

If you've got a knack for naming, simply visit this link and submit your suggested name via the form. You'll be able to do this until midday on 23 November, after which point we'll close the form to new entries.

Once we've collected all the suggestions, we'll put the best ones out to a public vote, to determine the name of the brand new system which will change the way people get active in Norfolk.

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