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New toolkit and digital badge to facilitate great coaching

Posted: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 16:07

New toolkit and digital badge to facilitate great coaching

UK Coaching has launched a new toolkit that will ensure the nation's coaches are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences to others, and support them as coaches to better look after themselves as they return to coaching after Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.

The Duty to Care Toolkit, which will be available on UK Coaching's learning and development platform,, has come to fruition after extensive consultative support from a range of partners and coaches across the UK.

Set across five areas, known as pillars – Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Well-being – the toolkit will challenge coaches to demonstrate their knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care and will sign-post them to coach learning resources that can help them to adapt sessions safely, creating diverse and inclusive environments that help to increase the mental health and well-being of both them and their participants.

Coaches who complete the free Duty to Care Knowledge Check in each pillar will earn themselves a nationally recognised Duty to Care 'Digital Badge', which they can display with pride to show their commitment to great coaching.

UK Coaching's Director of Coaching Emma Atkins, said: "The last few months have put an unimaginable strain on people's physical and mental well-being, and thus, we are seeing a society desperate to return to sport and exercise. We know that many coaches are wanting to return to coaching too, but they want the reassurance that they can do this safely and confidently.

"This extensive toolkit will help all coaches thrive in their role, which is essential if we are to navigate this uncertain time together and get the nation back on its feet."

Through the toolkit, coaches will be able to test their coaching know-how with free Knowledge Checks across the five pillars, as well as discover a suite of coach learning. There's no set learning process, so coaches can do the free Knowledge Checks or learning whichever way round they like.

Click to learn more about the toolkit.

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