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New guidebook explores how nature can help nurture your wellbeing

Posted: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 14:49

New guidebook explores how nature can help nurture your wellbeing

The Mental Health Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have come together to produce a free guide helping people to harness the power of nature to boost their wellbeing.

The guidebook, 'Thriving With Nature', aims to raise awareness and open conversations about mental health issues, while recognising the increasingly important role that nature plays in supporting positive mental wellbeing.

The guidebook explores the relationship between nature, wellbeing and mental health and features tips for using your senses to enjoy being in nature during every season - with summertime activities including dipping your toes in the sea or a river or stream, listening to crickets and grasshoppers sing, and enjoying the smell of cut grass and barbecues.

Multiple research studies have found a link between access to green space and a reduced risk of mental health problems, improved mood, and increased life satisfaction. Other benefits of nature include reduced stress, increased physical activity, and better physical health. Interactions with nature can start at home – from planting window boxes to introducing houseplants.

During lockdown it's become more important than ever for everyone to enjoy the remarkable mental health benefits of connecting with nature. New research commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation has found that six in ten UK adults who had felt stress because of COVID-19 said going for a walk had helped them cope – making it the most popular activity of all those listed in the survey. Meanwhile, almost half of UK adults surveyed who had felt stress because of COVID-19 said that being able to visit green spaces had helped them cope.

You can download the guidebook for free at

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