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Survey reveals how lockdown is transforming activity habits

Posted: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 14:26

Survey reveals how lockdown is transforming activity habits

A Sport England survey has shown how the coronavirus crisis is having a radical impact on people's exercise habits and how they feel about physical activity.

Research undertaken in the first week of April reveals a massive disruption in the physical activity behaviours of adults and children in England, with 33% of adults doing more and 39% doing less physical activity than before the restrictions. The impact on children was similar, with 29% doing more and 37% doing less compared to pre-restriction levels.

With gyms, pools, and leisure centres closed, walking is the most popular way to be active, with 59% of adults taking their daily outdoor exercise in the form of a stroll, while 19% went jogging and 9% went for a cycle. In the home, a quarter of respondents had logged on for an online activity or class.

The majority of adults agree that it's even more important to be active during the outbreak than it was before, and it's not just physical health that benefits - over two-thirds reported that it helps their mental wellbeing, too.

The survey reveals that some people are still finding it a challenge to be active, with older people and those on low incomes, living in urban areas, or living alone finding it harder to be active during the outbreak.

Click here to find out more about the survey and see the full results.

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