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#StayInWorkOut campaign hits your screens

Posted: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 14:18

#StayInWorkOut campaign hits your screens

With the coronavirus lockdown entering its sixth week, a new video from Sport England is set to inspire people to find creative ways of staying active at home.

The film promoting the Join The Movement #StayInWorkOut campaign hit TV and social media on Monday, April 27th and shows real people of all ages getting moving without leaving the house - from doing weights on the balcony to kettlebells in the kitchen and even setting up a skate ramp in the front room!

The campaign aims to encourage members of the public to share images or films of themselves getting active using the social tag #StayInWorkOut.

With gyms and classes shut during the crisis and restrictions on outdoor exercise, it's even more important for our physical and mental health to find ways of moving that fit with our current way of life. A recent survey from Sport England found that the lockdown is having a profound impact on physical activity levels, with some finding it much harder to stay active and others finding that being more active is helping them to cope with the stress of the current situation.

You can find lots of ideas and resources on our website to help you stay active at home, including weekly videos for people with a disability, ideas to help the kids stay active, and gentle exercises that are ideal for older people and those living with a long-term health condition, as well as workouts for adults and pregnant women.

Click here to watch the new #StayInWorkOut video.

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