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Taboo-busting ad marks five years of This Girl Can

Posted: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 14:21

Taboo-busting ad marks five years of This Girl Can

A new This Girl Can advert celebrates the unfiltered reality of women being active, as the campaign marks its fifth birthday.

The video, which will be shown on TV from Friday 17th January, shows women of different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds overcoming barriers like period pain to get moving in the ways that work for them.

The aim is to help girls and women feel more confident taking part in physical activity by showing realistic imagery that's more relatable than online 'fitness influencers'.

This Girl Can was launched in 2015 to tackle barriers such as fear of judgement that prevent women from taking part in sport and exercise, and has inspired more than 3.5 million women to get moving.

Sport England director of insight Lisa O'Keefe said: "Since we launched five years ago, we're seeing more relatable images in advertising and social media, but there's a long way to go until women's lives are being shown in a realistic way.

"We've designed the new adverts to show things we're still not seeing - women using exercise to manage period symptoms or juggling motherhood - all while celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds."

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