More People Are Moving in Norfolk According to Latest Sport England Study

Posted: Thu, 17 Oct 2019 12:52

More People Are Moving in Norfolk According to Latest Sport England Study

The latest survey into physical activity levels in adults has shown that more people in Norfolk are being physically active, with a significant decrease in the number of people who are doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week.

The latest Active Lives Survey, published today by Sport England, captures the physical activity levels of adults 16+ from May 2018 - May 2019. Amidst a positive picture nationally, with over 1 million more people physically active than when the survey began in 2015, figures for the 7 local authority areas and the county overall show that there are fewer people in Norfolk who are classed as Inactive, or doing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

The Norfolk survey results show that 61.5% of residents are Active (doing 150+ minutes of activity per week), and that 13.8% of us are Fairly Active, or getting between 30-149 minutes of activity a week. That means less than a quarter of Norfolk residents (24.8%) are Inactive, which is a statistically significant decrease from the previous year.

Key highlights from the local authority areas include:

  • Broadland recorded the highest number of Active residents (65.6%), which was a 10.8% increase from the previous 12 months
  • Broadland recorded the largest decrease in Inactive residents, with a significant 9.4% decrease in the number of residents doing less than 30 minutes of activity a week compared to the previous 12 months
  • Just over 65% of Norwich residents are doing 150+ minutes of activity a week, similar to last year, however there was also a 5% reduction in the number of Inactive people
  • King's Lynn and West Norfolk also recorded a 5% reduction in Inactive residents from last year, dropping to 29%

The Active Lives survey also captures the sports and activities that people are engaging in. Looking at broad activity groups, the most popular activity continues to be walking - for both leisure and travel - with 61% of survey respondents reporting this activity. This was followed by sporting activities (31.9%), fitness activities (30.4%), and cycling (17%).

Active Norfolk Director, Ben Jones, said: "We're pleased to see that the latest Active Lives results are showing that fewer Norfolk residents are Inactive, and that Norfolk is mirroring the national reduction in levels of Inactivity. We recognise that there is still work to do to reduce these numbers further, but these are positive results that are heading in the right direction.

"The Active Lives Survey is a really useful tool for us to see how often people are building activity into their routines, and we will continue to work with our partners across the localities to drive increases in physical activity participation, and active commuting."

You can read the latest Active Lives Survey report in full on the Sport England website.

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