Norfolk residents living with disabilities to benefit from new resource to improve inclusivity

Posted: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 11:57

Norfolk residents living with disabilities to benefit from new resource to improve inclusivity

A new resource which aims to improve the way people living with disabilities access physical activity opportunities has been launched this week at the Sportspark at the University of East Anglia. The resource, entitled Disabilities and Long-term Conditions Framework, provides guidance for organisations and individuals on ways to make their opportunity as inclusive as possible.

Norfolk residents living with a disability of long-term condition will benefit from the launch of this new document which collates evidence-based guidance and practical steps Norfolk organisations can take to improve accessibility for everyone.

In Norfolk more than 20% of the population are living with a disability, and that figure is set to rise significantly over the next 15 years. The Disability and Long-term Condition Framework seeks to address inequalities that are experienced by those living with a disability and long-term conditions and to increase activity levels by improving access and reducing barriers to activity. As well as the framework document, a comprehensive online resource has been created which enables people and organisations to access the information easily including suitable activity sessions around Norfolk. This information is available at

This corresponds with a recent study from Public Health England, which showed that people with disabilities are twice as likely to be physically inactive as those without a disability. Those living with a disability or long-term condition also report higher instances of bad /very bad reported health, higher incidences of excess weight and obesity, and poor mental health.

The framework was launched at an interactive event at the Sportspark in Norwich. There attendees were invited to get a look at the resource, ride on adapted bicycles and try other sports which are suitable for people living with disabilities.

Ben Jones, Director of Active Norfolk, said "The recent Public Health England survey clearly highlights that our society has a long way to go towards equalising opportunities for everyone. That is why we've developed this resource, to provide a practical Framework that we can use, and support our partners to use, to create more inclusive opportunities for everyone to be active and reap the benefits of increased physical activity."

The launch event was also connected to the Activity Alliance's #WhoSays campaign, which is a 6-week awareness raising campaign that challenges misconceptions and presumptions on disability sport.

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