National coaching week begins with UK Coaching pledge to focus on people skills

Posted: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 10:08

National coaching week begins with UK Coaching pledge to focus on people skills

The national body for sports coaching, UK Coaching, has made a pledge to help coaches add even more value to their communities by setting out a clear idea of how coaching can tackle a number of social issues as well as generating greater inclusivity in coaching sessions. As a result new workshops with a focus on people skills will take place throughout the year as well as the implementation of a digital subscription service for coaches to access useful digital content via the UK Coaching website.

The move to introduce workshops which will give coaches access to resources to help better understand the needs of a wide range of different UK demographics comes at the beginning of an action-packed UK Coaching Week where research has been revealed which showed that nearly half of coaches in this country would like more help from others to improve their coaching experience. The same research also showed that the vast majority of coaches rated their experience of coaching positively.

Running from 3rd June to the end of the week, Coaching Week 2019 aims to showcase how great coaching can play a significant role in building healthier and happier communities. As part of the campaign, UK Coaching has commissioned six videos to demonstrate the impact of great coaching on the following social issues:

  • Crime prevention
  • Combatting loneliness
  • Integrating communities
  • Helping disabled people grow in confidence
  • Creating conditions for communities to thrive

UK Coaching's Director of Coaching, Emma Atkinson, said: "Great coaching takes place throughout the UK every day with little fanfare and is a fundamental element of every community, as demonstrated by all our Coaching Week case studies, helping in a number of areas such as combatting loneliness and isolation, integrating different communities and helping people improve their lives through sport and physical activity."

UK Coaching are asking people across the UK to get involved in Coaching Week 2019 by making a pledge. Visit to find out more and get involved.

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