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This Girl Can campaign helping to cut activity gender divide, highlighted by recent research

Posted: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 11:39

This Girl Can campaign helping to cut activity gender divide, highlighted by recent research

Gender inequality is a hot topic at the moment and recent research has shown that nowhere is it more prevalent than in physical activity participation levels. A study from the University of Birmingham has shown that girls do far less exercise per week than boys. However the same study recognised the progress campaigns like the hugely popular This Girl Can initiative have made in bridging the gap and encouraging women to get involved in physical activity.

The study, published last week, found that more than 20% of adolescent girls do no exercise per week. Whereas only 12% of boys are completely inactive. In later life these figures rise significantly with 30% of men aged 18-29 admitting they do no exercise in a week compared with 40% of women in the same age group who are completely inactive.

The authors of the study admitted there were a number of factors driving the trends but identified issues surrounding body image and social norms of exercise as possible causes of the gap in gender participation levels.

June 2018 is This Girl Can month. The long running campaign aims to get women from all ages and all backgrounds into sport for the health, social and economic benefits exercise can provide. Throughout this month there are a number of events and activities taking place through This Girl Can which Norfolk women, of any age, can get involved in – it's never too late or too early to get involved in sports and exercise.

Dr Gavin Sandercock, an expert in child activity at Essex University, told the Guardian: "We know that if you get children more active, as well as getting more physically healthy, they get happier and their educational attainment improves."

To find out about how you can get involved in sport and exercise through This Girl Can, visit the website or use our activity finder to find your new sport and exercise.

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