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Take part in the biggest ever piece of research conducted into loneliness in Britain - BBC Radio 4

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 09:52

Take part in the biggest ever piece of research conducted into loneliness in Britain - BBC Radio 4

Are you or is someone you know lonely? BBC Radio 4 is conducting the largest ever survey conducted into the effects of loneliness, called The Loneliness Experiment. We know that physical activity offers opportunities to reduce social isolation and feelings of loneliness, and want to encourage people to take part in the survey and help raise awareness.

Mother Teresa once famously said: "The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved and uncared for." To her, someone who dedicated her life to helping people, loneliness was quite clearly a disease which she felt caused ill health to millions and should be prioritised. For years scientists have been drawing links between social isolation and physical illness. Most recently, a 2015 study (Holt-Lunstad) found that the effects of loneliness are comparable to the effects of obesity on our physical health and that it can do more damage to our bodies than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

After the 2017 report from the Jo Cox Commission revealed similar findings, citing loneliness as one of the most prevalent illnesses in the UK which affects more than 9 million people, the government appointed the first ever Minister for Loneliness, Tracey Crouch, earlier this year.

As part of the nationwide movement to tackle loneliness and social isolation, BBC Radio 4 is conducting the largest piece of research ever conducted into loneliness and wants your help to provide detailed results which could help shape policy on the growing problem in future. Whether you're someone who suffers with loneliness or not, it's worth taking the time to fill out the short survey.

Physical activity offers opportunities to reduce loneliness through coming together for the purposes of health and fitness. Last year Active Norfolk was awarded the In Good Company Plus mark for its effectiveness as an organisation in reducing loneliness across the County. The In Good Company campaign works hard to identify ways in which loneliness can be avoided in Norfolk. If your organisation does work to combat loneliness in Norfolk, you could be eligible for the In Good Company award. Apply and find out more here.

Click here to complete the BBC Radio 4 survey.

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