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Sport England funded Marshland Hall opens to a packed schedule of community activities

Posted: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:35

Sport England funded Marshland Hall opens to a packed schedule of community activities

An exciting new development in Marshland, near King's Lynn has opened this week after several months of planned renovation works which have transformed an old village hall into a state of the art community centre and sports facility.

The new venue, in the heart of a rural west-Norfolk community, comprises of main hall where sports and physical activity can take place, an integrated bar and community shop with conference rooms and other useful facilities set off to the side. To commemorate the significant impact this development will have on the communities who benefit from, a full schedule of physical activities and events will take place all this week (12th-18th) February so that people from Marshland and surrounding areas can immediately feel the positive impact.

Events this week include a carpet bowls taster session, fun football games, card games and plenty of activities for kids to take part in during this half term.

Andy Stephens OBE, chairman of Marshland St James and District Community and Sports Centre, told the Fenland Citizen: "The opening of Marshland Hall represents the culmination of five years' planning and fundraising. All credit is due to the local community and local businesses who have wholeheartedly supported this project since Day 1 by giving their time, by donating funds, and by volunteering to make the new Community and Sports Centre a reality. This marvellous new £1 million public amenity for Marshland St James has been secured for the community at no cost to the parish or the borough purse. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors for their generosity in recognizing that enhanced community facilities were urgently needed for Marshland St James and the surrounding rural area".

Read the full schedule of activities below:

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