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Norfolk receives funding to boost cycling and walking

Posted: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 15:53

Norfolk receives funding to boost cycling and walking

The Department for Transport has announced today that it has awarded £64 million of government funding to encourage more cycling and walking to employment, education and training.

Following a successful bid to the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel, Norfolk County Council has received £1.488 million of funding which will help to support its multi-partnership project Pushing Ahead through 2020.

This means increased investment locally to further develop and promote sustainable transport options in the greater Norwich and Great Yarmouth areas. This will help remove barriers to work, benefit local communities, and help reduce traffic congestion.

The fund will support Pushing Ahead to improve and develop cycling and walking confidence amongst residents to reduce reliance on cars for short journeys. A range of cycling and walking activities, cycle maintenance and training, personalised journey planning and development of the holdall smartcard will be supported through the grant.

Councillor Hilary Cox, member champion for walking and cycling said: "It's fantastic news that we've been awarded this grant and it is a great opportunity to provide a firm focus on cycling and walking in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. The programme will help open up cycling to residents who haven't yet considered this as a viable transport option and it will provide clear information about the new trails and pedalways opening up in these two areas. Encouraging more people to take up cycling and walking is not only great for the environment but is also a cost effective way of getting from A to B and that can only be a good thing."

For more information about Pushing Ahead and the partners involved, visit

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