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Here is a short film about Sportivate and a guide to using the Sportivate portal to enter your monitoring.

Guidance about the forms you will need to complete your Sportivate monitoring:-

Registration forms must be completed by all participants of Sportivate activities. There are two forms depending on the age group - see below:-

  • Registration form template for 14-15 year olds which will require parental/carer consent.
  • Registration form template for 16-25 year olds who will be able to give their own consent.

Attendance record sheet to be used to note attendance of all participants attending the Sportivate course over the 6 week period.

Data protection handout for participants – this information will inform participants how the information we collect about them is being used (to be completed by Lead organisation/coach prior to distribution).

Data protection note for deliverers – this information will help the providers of sports activities to meet their legal obligations concerning the collection and use of personal data provided by people taking part in activities.


A guide to Sportivate and using the Sportivate portal.