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Mary Cheesman

How did you get into coaching?

I played hockey from high school and when I started teaching, I helped run teams so I did my L1 coaching award. When my knees packed in and I couldn't play anymore I took my L2 to be able to coach independently. I was doing a lot of work in Primary Schools and could see the huge benefit that playing sport was having on children and I really wanted to contribute. My L3 award allowed me to develop my mentoring work with other coaches.

Why do you coach?

My coaching is an extension of my teaching and I swap techniques from one area to another. Playing sport gave me such positive experiences and I wanted to continue being actively involved. I coach children and adults, beginner and performance players, males and females. I love working with individuals and groups of players, supporting skill development and helping players to realise their potential and achieve their goals; working to make my sport more inclusive and making a difference in my community.

I coach to extend my own skills and knowledge. I have a particular interest in movement skills and sport psychology and really enjoy networking with coaches across other sports such as athletics and football.

Your current level of coaching?

I am an EHB L3 coach. This award really allowed me develop my coaching practice and examine coaching methodology and coaching philosophy. I am a coach educator, running leadership courses for young players, providing opportunities for them to develop their coaching, and I mentor aspiring coaches and coaches who wish to progress, within Norfolk Hockey Association's young player talent development programme. I have been a tutor and assessor on coaching award courses. I work closely with Active Norfolk to organise a local CPD programme for Norfolk's hockey coaches so that our coaching workforce continues to move forward. Working as part of a group where coaches can support each other and share good practice is essential. Coaches are the most precious resource in sport and I am delighted to be involved in Project 100 and support, in any way I can, the development of our female coaches.