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Kimberley Morrison

Kimberley Morrison is a triathlete born in North Norfolk, UK and competing in triathlons all around the world. Kimberley spent her younger years in the experienced hands of Doctors at Great Ormond's Street Children's Hosptial. At 3 years of age Kimberley was deemed strong enough and underwent complex heart surgery. The operation was a great success and ever since Kimberley has been determined and ambitious.

2017 achievements:

  • 2017 [Bike Course Record] Ironman70.3 Dubai, UAE January
  • 2017 [Bike Course Record] Ironman70.3 Buenos Aires March
  • 2017 [Bike Course Record] Ironman70.3 Texas April
  • 2017 [Bike Course Record] The Challenge Championships June
  • 2017 Ironman70.3 Staffordshire July
  • 2017 Ironman70.3 Jönköping July
  • 2017 National 25mile TT August
  • 2017 [Bike Course Record] Monster Standard Triathlon August
  • 2017 National Relay Championships [RaceHub Mixed & Female] August