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Head of Academy Coaching

Please send your CV to using the below email subject heading; REF: Head of Academy Coaching

London, SE25 4QL
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Kinetic Foundation

About Head of Academy Coaching

  • Build relationships across the South London Kinetic Foundation programmes to enable effective support to all academy coaching staff.
  • Maintain / enhance own coaching competence through regular delivery (e.g. demonstrations, cover and support sessions).
  • Conduct relevant training and fixture analysis of all coaches to maintain and promote the required level of performance for the Kinetic Academy.
  • Conduct a formal programme of observing coach performance and provide effective feedback for development.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer and Academy Manager to monitor the coaching process and methodology across all South London programmes within the Academy to ensure highest standards are maintained
  • Delivery of 1 to 1 coach development support through progressive individual specific Development Action Plans.
  • Conduct a Coach Mentoring Internship programme.
  • Develop and deliver an innovative in-house CPD program for all coaching staff
  • Provide ad-hoc development events / resources based on common aspects identified in Development Action Plans.
  • Build effective relations across the multi-disciplinary facets of a player(s) to enhance delivery of coach development programme.
  • To work as an integral member of the Academy Management Team to support the development and implementation of the Academy methodology in conjunction with the Academy Manager and Chief Operating Officer.
  • Monitor the Academy's coaching program in conjunction with the Academy Manager ensuring consistent alignment across the academy in accordance with the Kinetic values and Development Plan.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the Academy's Coach Competency Framework to support coach development.
  • To be part of the development and implementation of the Academy playing philosophy across all South London programmes
  • Contribute appropriately to the development of teaching and coaching resources
  • To report bi-annually to the Academy Manager and Chief Operating Officer on overall progress and development within the Academy and to represent collective views on the future development and direction of the coaching program.
  • To be part of the player development recruitment and retention to monitor issues of player progression and signing of new players to the Kinetic Programme.
  • Researching current trends of coaching/teaching, player development, and industry best practice to inform practice within the Academy

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