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Community Sport and Health Officer - Apprentice Overview of the role: To engage people in sport and physical activity across local communities.

Doncaster, DN1 2DR
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Jonny Allan
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Active Fusion

About Community Sport and Health Officer - Apprentice

Description of role:

The Community Sport and Health Officer's role is to:

  • Support behaviour change
  • Work with national governing bodies of sport (NGB's) and other relevant sport development agencies
  • Plan engaging and innovative activities using sport and physical activity
  • Understand personal and social barriers to sports and physical activity participation
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of sport or physical activity programmes
  • Use customer insight to design sport and physical activity interventions
  • Use ICT to monitor and evaluate programmes in order to measure impact and demonstrate outcomes
  • Understand why there are health inequalities within certain communities
  • Understand the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
  • Help to use sport as a tool for social change
  • Adapt traditional games to ensure that experiences are positive for all participants
  • Understand the principals of safeguarding, child protection and working with vulnerable adults
  • Be first aid trained

The Community Sport and Health Officer will be able to:

  • Use strategies to help inactive people to become active
  • Use various approaches to change attitudes to sport and physical activity in local communities
  • Support people to become involved in the preparation, planning and delivery of sport and physical activity
  • Communicate clearly with a range of different groups in a range of different ways
  • Adapt to different situations and use own initiative to problem solve
  • Build partnerships with communities, businesses and other relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure that provision is inclusive, customer focused and accessible

The Community Sport and Health Officer will demonstrate:

  • Excellent work ethic and attention to detail
  • Superb time management
  • Adaptability
  • A positive attitude to work and be a role model within communities
  • A willingness to work as a team but also individually
  • An appetite to learn and develop personally and professionally
  • All of the Active Fusion values in the way that they work and live

English and Maths:

Apprentices without level 2 (or equivalent) will need to achieve this before the final assessment.


There are no required qualifications for completing this apprenticeship. It is expected that apprentices will leave with a meaningful and transferable portfolio. There are no mandatory prerequisite qualifications, although as examples, a multi skills level 2 coaching qualification or community or higher sports leaders' awards would be an advantage.


The apprenticeship will take between 16-20 months to complete – only exceptional candidates will be likely to complete in a shorter time frame.


Apprentices will be employed at the national minimum wage for apprentices.


Successful candidates will be able to move into more senior roles within the sector – leading teams of people or specialising with certain communities, sports or programmes.

Active Fusion has a strong track record of appointing graduate apprentices.

Request an application form and for information email Jonny Allan:

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