The following links and resource packs provide insight into specific issues surrounding specific demographics, sports and physical activity.

Using these insight packs to inform and influence your project planning and analysis can greatly bolster the effectiveness of your processes.

Getting Active Outdoors was commissioned by Sport England and produced in partnership with the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA). It examines the demand and supply of outdoor provision and takes an in-depth look at the profile of the outdoor consumer.

Go Where Women Are is about engaging women in sport and exercise on their terms and in their space, whether physically or emotionally. The insight pack explores Sport England's current understanding of women, their relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more active, and what this means for sports and exercise activities and initiatives.

Sport England's report, Mapping Disability, offers an in-depth look at the vast range of impairments experienced by people in England. It also includes comprehensive data on disability by categories such as region, gender and age.

Sport England produced Engaging Disabled People: The Guide to support organisers of grassroots community sport to communicate and engage more effectively with audiences that include disabled people.

Sport England have released Volunteering Insight research they commissioned Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake in March 2014. This comprehensive report provides a systematic review of the academic research over the last 10 years and also offers new insight into a number of areas through structured interviews with a range of volunteers.

People with long-term conditions and attitudes towards physical activity research conducted on behalf of the Richmond Group March 2016

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Visit Sport England's Evaluation Framework page for an interactive guide to effective evaluation of a project.(redirects to Sport England website)

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke

Insight & Evaluation Officer

My role is to imbed insight and evaluation across Active Norfolk's work. My aim is to help us as an organisation learn more about what works, or doesn't, by understanding and applying existing evidence, as well as generating new understanding from increasing data collection and analysis in Norfolk. I intend to use the combined insight gained from this to inform the design, delivery and development of ours, and partners services by providing information that is relevant and accessible to the sector.

In my free time I like to cycle, run, and generally spend time outdoors.

01603 731565