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Football Foundation - Respect Scheme

Summary: The FA and Foundation’s Respect barriers and Respect packs (made up of captains’ armbands, marshals’ bibs and Respect Signage) are available to football leagues and clubs to ensure there is good behaviour by players and parents alike in the grassroots game, with money provided by The FA and vouchers supplied by the Foundation.

About Football Foundation - Respect Scheme

Youth football in England is enormously popular. There are over 55,000 teams and every weekend most players, coaches and referees have an enjoyable experience of the game. There are however occasions where instead of being positive and supportive some spectators fail to recognise that youth football is a time to learn the game and instead are aggressive, sarcastic and disrespectful. Some young players will imitate this adult behaviour whilst others will fail to fulfil their potential or choose - like some referees - to do something else with their time.

However the good news is that since the Respect programme was launched in 2008 The FA has identified a range of measures that tackle these raging touchline parents, educate young players and contribute to the positive and fun experience that we all want our children to have.

This Football Foundation scheme offers your club, school or league the opportunity to purchase Respect equipment which, if used effectively, will help us to promote the beautiful game. The scheme offers 50 % off the normal cost price of these items.

The application window for the Respect scheme is currently open.

In order to complete the application form you will need a valid affiliation number for your club or league, or your school's Edubase number.

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