Health Series: Cancer & Exercise Icon

Health Series: Cancer & Exercise

This seminar is designed for any individual who delivers or facilitates Sport & Physical Activity. It aims to develop, or update, knowledge and understanding of cancer and physical activity, enabling them to work safely alongside individuals living with or recovering from this condition.

Norwich Family Golf Centre, Dunham Road, Easton, Norfolk, NR9 5GA

Health Series: Cancer & Exercise

This is a very unique seminar that aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of common types of cancer but more specifically the types of treatments people may go through. We explore how these treatments can affect the body and how physical activity and exercise can help make the journey through treatment, or post treatment, more manageable and positive. This condition is exceptionally complex; therefore, the seminar focuses its intention on how we as coaches, health, fitness and sport & physical activity facilitators can make a person's everyday life more enjoyable and maintain independence.

By the end of the seminar, you should feel confident and competent to plan and adapt existing exercise sessions for individuals living with, or recovering from, cancer, promoting greater inclusivity. This seminar will be delivered over 3 hours.

There is no formal assessment for this seminar, but a quiz will be handed out to identify learning progress.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview the common types of cancer
  • Explore the different types of cancer treatments and how they affect the body
  • Identify the benefits of physical activity and exercise during and post treatment
  • Highlight the key considerations that must be taken when exercising with this client group
  • Recognise and apply health and safety considerations