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Biodanza ®

Inside everyone is a supple, free and joyful person waiting to be released. Biodanza ® helps to liberate the inner child to dance in a spacious, safe and fun environment. Suitable for everyone. No steps to learn, no mistakes possible and a great opportunity for a new liberating experience. Let go of inhibitions and try something new. Click on the image to see more.

United Reformed Church, 40-42 Ipswich Road, NORWICH, Norfolk, NR4 6QR
GwenMarie / biodanza.eastanglia@gmail.com / 07985 094590

Biodanza ®

Did you miss out on the freedom to playfully explore the fun of dancing around to music as children? Research has shown that we blossom best (just as children do) when we feel positive & in spontaneous joyful interactive connections with others. The International Biodanza ® System brings adult participants of any age, body type and ability, the novel opportunity of a safe and secure imaginary 'playing-field'. A positive & respectful environment is therefore a 'given' basis. Newcomers are offered the opportunity to spontaneously explore and engage with their body`s natural curiosity and self-awareness (just like children do), to feel empowered to explore for themselves their body`s natural flexibility. However (as adults), we may find ourselves revisiting areas of physical inertia or lack of joyful movement in our life, but in a more self-accepting & inclusive manner. An openness to the journey may be all that's needed.

All sessions begin with a ceremonial circle, of goodwill and of looking forward (plus any wish or intent some participants may like to add). You are then invited to step into a series of simple, playfully interactive moves, over the length of a music track or song. These, initially basic, well-established short 'journeys' [loosely termed 'exercises'] are clearly demonstrated first as they aim to foster a freer and more grounded sense of balance and rhythm regardless or context (in pairs/ alone/ in smaller groups etc). The facilitator's responsibility is to progressively guide participants into exploring new adaptive and self-expressive moves for themselves, supported by richly evocative music tracks. Whatever expansive moves or self-reflective expression your body may be enjoying for itself at any given time can be exhilarating when 'allowed to be' (unless cheekily mirroring others in the room!). Over time, people report enjoying a novel sense of dynamic well-being-ness, that lift their mood as well as limbs and muscles. Some report a sense of peace, of inner spaciousness, others a core trust in fully belonging with Life. All report changes.

Please arrive promptly - we want everyone to have time to gather in a circle at the beginning, to share something of their wish and vision for the session, or just briefly introduce themselves. Once the session has started, the Biodanza ® facilitator's rôle is to encourage only your body to 'talk' & 'speak up'.

Please note: We dance in bare feet - please wear whatever comfy clothes give you freedom of movement. A quick tea-break will be included before or after, but do bring bottled water to sip between 'exercises'.

Cost per session £10