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Inclusive Gymnastics EVERY WEDNESDAY

Equality in sport is about fairness, justice and equal access to opportunities.

UEA Sportspark , University of East Anglia , Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ
UEA Sportspark Reception / 01603 592398

Inclusive Gymnastics EVERY WEDNESDAY

We want our Gymnastics sessions to be open to everyone so starting Wednesday 10th
October, there will be inclusive drop-in sessions in the Spring Gymnastics Centre.

These will take place every Wednesday at 14:00 during term time. The rules for this
session will be the same as the pre-school drop in apart from:

• One parent/ guardian/ carer can supervise a maximum of 1 child
• If required a maximum of 2 parent/ guardian/ carers can supervise 1 child
• Available to children up to the age of 10

The difference between this session and pre-school sessions are:

• Numbers are reduced to 16
• No music will be played during the session
• Changes to the age limit and ratio

We are looking for feedback on these sessions and the guidelines we have put in place.

Cost is £4 per person per session.

For more information visit www.sportspark.co.uk/join-in/spring-gymnastics