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Donna Andrews

How did you get into coaching?

I got into coaching as I gave up my job in London and came home to Norfolk to raise a family. I had to look at the skills I had and build on some earlier training.

Why do you coach?

I absolutely love coaching. My whole working life has been about helping people improve their health through physical activity and achieve something they thought was impossible. I use Tennis to do that, and the rewards are fantastic.

Your current level of coaching?

I am a level 3 LTA licensed Tennis Coach. As well as a level 2 hockey coach and level 2 in Health Related Fitness for kids. To support all this I have a Sports Science and Physical Education degree (Hons) from Loughborough University. As well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I have also trained hundreds of Gym instructors and aerobics instructors as I was a course director and assessor for the YMCA.