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Results Aimed Workouts

Results Aimed Workouts
Unit 7 Coxford Abbey Farm,
Kings Lynn
PE31 6TB

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Sam Ely

About Results Aimed Workouts

The Training Facility That Aims Every Workout Towards You & Your Results. We've taken your standard fitness class and condensed it down to sessions of just 5 members, giving an elite, personalised service to each individual in the group to ensure you actu

Invest In Your Health and fill in our membership enquiry to see if what we do will work for you.

Results Aimed Workouts has been designed on the basis of collecting the best bits of every fitness service there is and swirling them all together to create what we call Formula Training. Formula Training is essentially small group training where we can fit you into a time slot that works towards your goals, based around where you our currently and how much commitment you can give to the process. The 3 goal types that we have seperated our various sessions into our:

Fat Loss & Definition

Strength & Muscle Gain

Health & Injury Management

Once you fill in our Membership Enquiry Form, we'll be able to tell if we can be of service to you and help you realise your goals. If all seems good, we will suggest a time slot for you to come into the facility and have a one-to-one 15 minute consultation with one of our trainers to uncover what you REALLY want to achieve and what time slot would be best for you. This will provide you with small, medium and long term goals to work towards so you're always laying the next brick - not the entire wall!

We provide regular goal assessments every 4 to 6 weeks to see if you're enjoying the process and if we're nearing the next goal.

I think that's enough information for one box; if you disagree then you can always go to our website to get EVEN MORE details on our services and actually see exactly what sessions we deliver.

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