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City Academy Norwich
299 Bluebell Road

Contact Information
Kate Batty

About KTroo

KTroo - Bounce & Laugh for a Healthier Heart. Fitness & Parties on rebound boots.


---The Benefits---

The health benefits of KTroo are indisputable.

Rebound boots reduce impact by up to 80%, meaning participants can safely get that cardio workout, whilst toning & activating the core, hip, & leg muscles like never before.

An invigorating workout like no other, KTroo will leave you feeling energised but without the post-exercise aching so often associated with other workouts.

Whatever your level, KTroo will get you excited about keeping fit so you can have fun getting the results you want.

---The Workout---

- 3-4 minute tracks
- Tracks incorporate three principal sequences
- Higher intensity bursts on every chorus
- Short rest breaks between tracks
- Interval training in disguise

---The Music---

Music really matters to us.

The KTroo playlist is an awesome fusion of chart hits & the most exotic international tunes from Africa to Latin America & The Caribbean. You are sure to have the KTroo spring in your step all the way home!

---Key Facts---

- All fitness levels (zero to Usain Bolt)
- All ages 6+ (Kids, Adult, Family & Specialist Sessions)
- Cutting edge of fitness
- Low impact (up to 80% less)
- Minimal post-exercise aching
- Fusion of emotionally engaging music
- Motivating and friendly instructors
- Non-competitive
- Simple instructed moves & sequences
- Boot are easy & straight forward to put on and use
- No previous knowledge or skill is necessary
- Adult Sessions are 45 minutes
- Family & Kids Sessions are 1 hour

---Kids Specific Sessions---

As well as child friendly music and routines, our unique kids sessions incorporate games & activities. Providing an exciting new way to get even the most inactive children involved. Our KTroo Clubs offer parents & guardians an invaluable service before, during, & after school, as well as during holiday periods (ages 6+).

---What To Bring---

- Long thick socks
- Water
- Women - A good sports bra is highly recommended

*For more information and bookings please contact, inbox us on Facebook, or see our website

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