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Norfolk College Sport

This page is the place to look for up to date fixtures and results for all College Sport Maker (CSM) tournaments, festivals and matches. With regular participation through the academic term there will always be plenty going on.

There are five CSMs based at different colleges across Norfolk including Stuart from Great Yarmouth, Andrew from East Norfolk and Sara from The College of West Anglia. Karl and Jordan are based at Easton and Otley college. Each CSM has to provide a range of sports activities targeting semi sporty students in their own individual colleges. The CSMs also work with Local Authorities, National Governing Bodies and sports companies to ensure their students receive the best sports provision possible.

Anyone can take part, just pick your sport Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Canoeing or Cricket!

Get in touch with your local College Sport Maker

Lisa Bell

College Sport Maker

East Norfolk

Sara Edwards

College Sport Maker

The College of West Anglia

Stuart Bolding

College Sport Maker

Great Yarmouth College

Karl Chapman

College Sports Maker

Easton and Otley College

Jordan Kemp

College Sport Maker

Easton and Otley College

Nick Bond

College Sport Maker

City College Norwich