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Coaches in Schools

Coaches can perform a valuable role in supporting and up-skilling teachers to improve the delivery of physical education in primary schools as well as providing breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs.

Coaches are different from teachers (however it is recognised that some teachers will have expertise in some sports) in that they have detailed knowledge, understanding, qualifications and experience in specific sports. When coaches complement teachers (where they feel they need support), outstanding outcomes can be achieved by using their technical knowledge and skills.

However, coaches should not replace teachers. They should be used in the short term with the aim to enhance the teacher's delivery. The responsibility of ensuring outcomes are achieved remains with the school as does liability and duty of care. The DfE state that the PE and Sport Premium cannot be used to employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements - these should come out of your core staffing budgets.

Useful Resources

Please Note

Active Norfolk cannot guarantee the quality or suitability of any provider.

We advise schools to form their own opinion by;

  • observing deliverers
  • contacting other schools that the provider works with

When working with a provider ensure your school applies the same rigorous standards as with any other school activity.

Find a coach

If you would like support in identifying a coach for your school contact Aaron Roberts, Active Norfolk Lead Coaching Officer on T: 01603 731568 or E: or contact any of the organisations above.