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What Makes Great Coaching?

Posted: Fri, 08 Jun 2018 10:15 by Mr Gareth Samuel

What Makes Great Coaching?

Written by Aaron Roberts

To celebrate the first ever Coaching Week in the UK, Sports Development Officer at Active Norfolk, Aaron Roberts, outlines why coaching is so important to the structure and overall enjoyment of sport as well as what makes a great coach.

Coaching is about people creating great experiences to help others achieve their aims, no matter what their motivations are. From improving mental health & physical wellbeing to developing social inclusion, great coaching has many meaningful benefits to us all.

I know when I coach at my local club I get a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in helping people develop and achieve their goals. The opportunity to make a difference first hand and a chance to give something back is massively rewarding.

This week is the first ever national Coaching Week, which aims to celebrate great coaching through encouraging people to share their very best experiences of coaching. The hashtag: #GreatCoaching has been used hundreds of times this week by people all across the country by sports stars and people just looking to have a more enjoyable sporting experience.

To my mind, when we speak about 'coaching' we are no longer just talking about the traditional coaching of teaching sport specific skills and knowledge. Great Coaching involves the incorporation of these things with all of the roles that provide an experience, i.e. helper, host, coordinator, activator, leader, teacher, guide, instructor and many more. This broader definition of coaching now exists to recognise the benefits coaching can have on wider society.

As part of Coaching Week we have also seen the launch of UK Coaching's Principles of Great Coaching.

  • Person-Centred
  • Empowering
  • Organised
  • Positive
  • Learning
  • Engaging

These principles are focused on the acronym PEOPLE. This is because people should be at the heart of every great coach's delivery to ensure a wide range of participants can enjoy being coached which helps them maintain an active lifestyle. In all of our coaching we should ensure we are applying all of the #GreatCoaching Principles.

If you can make your sessions relatable to the participants, such as identifying their aims of attending a session. Ensure your participants feel valued whether they are trying to get active or they are elite performers. Be well prepared with sessions that are clear, safe and logical ensuring the personal goals of the participants are met. Build positive environments allowing participants to thrive, whilst learning throughout, because lessons develop the person…not just the player! Lastly deliver engaging sessions that inspire others to reach their full potential, after all we know on those dark, cold nights people aren't going to come out unless it is fun and engaging.

I know from my time working at Active Norfolk supporting coaches at events and developing coaches first hand that we are blessed with coaches in the county that apply the principles of #GreatCoaching. As a result we are ensuring we are getting more people active and reaching their goals whatever age or ability.

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