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Posted: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 12:44 by Mrs Kristen Hall


In case you don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, June is our This Girl Can in Norfolk month. This is a month where we celebrate those Norfolk ladies who are being active, doing their own thing and joining in with the tremendous spirit and energy of the #TGCinNorfolk campaign.

If there's one thing I'm not, it's sporty. In fact I'm arguably terrible. I didn't enjoy sport at school, I dreaded PE and the repeated knocks to my confidence when I saw the look on some of the kids' faces when I ended up on their team. It took me a while – well into my 20s – to get over the dread of having to do anything physically active in a group where other people would see me.

What got me over that, strangely, was not wanting to miss out on the fun. I remember the moment I realised that I would rather be embarrassed by my lack of ability than not join in. I was at a party at college in University of Santa Barbara, California (where, yes, there is an overabundance of beautiful young tan girls…go Gauchos!), and loads of people were jumping into the pool to play water volleyball. I looked around and thought – do I sit here on the side and drink on my own, or do I just say f*** it and go for it. I went for it.

I think the thing is I'm not coordinated. I demonstrate an almost total lack of hand eye coordination. As I've got older I've found other ways to be active that don't involve organised activity (I enjoy jogging, that lovely solitary time where I can tune the world out and listen to my cheesy music and just have some time away from the kids/family/responsibilities) – but while my own personal confidence has grown, my coordination, unfortunately, has not.

This was evidenced for public consumption a while back when I agreed to be filmed for a social media post doing a hockey stick "keepy up" challenge. And I was up against my super sporty colleague Ellen, who I'm sure came out of the womb holding a hockey stick. It was hilarious, but embarrassing. You can see the carnage here

So why am I pouring out this embarrassing evidence yet again? Because whilst I clearly do not have any skills in this arena whatsoever, I'm up for having a good time. It's a laugh, it brings us together, gives us something to talk about, reflect upon, and share. And I think this reflects the ethos of #TGCinNorfolk as much as if I'd posted a picture of myself sweating my backside off after a Zumba class or all kitted out for run. And the hashtag that my colleague thoughtfully came up with #ThisGirlTries – I think carries as much weight for me as being the girl that CAN.

We've got lots of women's only activities on tap on our TGC page – check out what's on in your area if you get a chance. Hopefully you'll have a good laugh, and be glad you tried.

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