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Angela Pleasants

I was a fat kid, then fat adult. Worked in the catering and hospitality industry, then became a teacher. Had 2 sons and wanted them to be healthy and happy boys. Lost 4 1/2 stone, started up a Nutrition and Fitness business where I help people to make the necessary life changes in order to make improvements to their health.

Why Did You Want To Get Involved In This Girl Can?

I want Mums and their daughters to understand that taking those first steps to a better way of life can be done with support. I have a gym where they can begin to use equipment without feeling judged by others, helping the transition to a fitness centre at a later time much easier.

Who Inspires You?

My kids, my friends and my own fitness goals. I do still struggle at times to feel motivated, but have awesome friends and family around me that help to keep me on track.

What Are Your Top 3 Tips Of Getting/Staying Active?

  • By realising that its never too late to turn things around.
  • By taking responsibility for your own actions - others may stress us out, and life may give us some bad times, but we must accept that it is down to us as to what we put in our mouths, and up to us how much activity we do.
  • Each day is a fresh day - put the past behind us, and turn that new page!