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Apply for funding to set up an activity

If you would like to apply for Active Neighbourhoods funding to set up an activity in Mile Cross or Catton Grove, please fill in this form.

Please ensure you have read the guidance notes below before completing this application.

If you prefer, you can download a copy of the application form below, and then email it to us using the contact details on the form.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the deadline for Active Neighbourhoods funding applications has been extended. Funding will be confirmed once restrictions on public gatherings have been relaxed, after which dates for activities to commence will be agreed. You are still welcome to make your application in the meantime. Any queries please contact

If you need any help or have any questions please email or give us a call on 01603 731237.

Apply for activity funding

Your personal data will be handled in accordance with 2018 General Data Protection Regulations and can be withdrawn at any time by emailing Please read Active Norfolk’s Privacy Policy, this explains how we use your Personal Information.

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What kind of organisation are you (eg voluntary, local authority, private sector)? What are your current organisational objectives and how might they be linked to supporting health through physical activity? What is your current engagement with your local community?

Please tell us about your idea. How will you use your knowledge, resources, and skills to connect with inactive residents and enable them to become more active, in a way that supports their physical and/or mental health? Who will be your target audience? Where or when will the sessions take place? Please include as much detail as possible about your strategy and how the activity will run. Do you hold relevant qualifications and insurance? Please give details.

Please tell us how you have made sure that your idea is what local residents need. How have you consulted residents/partners and gained their opinion? Why will your offer be of interest and how many people do you expect to engage? What existing contacts will you use, and do you need support making certain contacts? How will you represent and reflect local aspirations?

What are the plans to sustain your activity once your start-up funds have been used? How do you plan to keep participants engaged in activities? Outline any exit routes that participants could access afterwards (eg local sports club/leisure centre/other activity)? What long-term impact will your activity have on the opportunities available in your area? How will this work and what would success look like?

Who will hold the finances and be accountable to audit? Are you a constitutionalised group or do you need support forming one? What will your start-up costs be and how will they be spent? What will your promotional costs be? Are these one-off costs or is there an ongoing element such as hire fees? How will ongoing costs be managed once the grant funds have been used?