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What is Tri-Golf?

A 'mini' version of golf designed specifically for young children at infant, primary and junior schools.

In November 2000, the Golf Foundation launched a 'mini' version of golf specifically for use by young children in primary and junior schools. This involved developing youngster-friendly equipment that has proved to be popular with children, affordable for schools, and easy for teachers to use.

The Golf Foundation's Development Team has expertise in creating educational play activities for children and has produced more than thirty different games around Tri-Golf that are presented in the form of activity cards. These make it possible for teachers to introduce golfing concepts and skills through fun games rather than technical instruction. They also enable teachers to use golf as a way of encouraging learning in other areas; for example, maths, from scoring, literacy and citizenship (golf is a game of honesty and self-regulation).


Tri-Golf equipment has been developed specifically for use in British schools and is the safest equipment available. Each Tri-Golf pack includes chippers with over-sized club heads, putters, a variety of over-sized foam balls and other items needed to run the games and activities. The clubs have been specially designed so that they are safe to use in the school environment and make it easy for the children to achieve success.

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