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What is Speedgolf?

Speedgolf is a fun, fast, and fitness-oriented alternative to traditional golf.

Golfers of all ages, skill levels, and fitness profiles can play and enjoy Speedgolf at their own pace! Speed golf is a sport which involves playing a round of golf in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time (in minutes).


Fitness and time savings are obvious benefits of Speedgolf. However, many players also report improved golf, typically shooting nearly the same scores despite running and using only a few clubs.


Visit the British Speedgolf Website and sign up to find out about future Speedgolf events and competitions.

They are planning to fully launch in Spring 2015 with a new website, events and local leagues for regular participation and competition. By signing up they will use the first 3 digits of your postcode to try to match events and locations to the areas where there is most demand.


Though there is no limit to the amount of clubs you can carry during a Speedgolf round, most Speedgolfers carry 4-6 clubs in a small bag.


  • Playing Speedgolf on a regulation 18-hole course is generally about a 5-6 mile run.

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