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Pétanque is a form of boules normally played on hard dirt or gravel

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An Overview of Petanque

It can also be played on grass, sand or other surfaces, with metal boules rolled or tossed to the jack.

Pétanque is a game which all can enjoy at any age and with any level of skill and the equipment is not expensive. Usually all that is required is a set of three matching boules which can be acquired from any good sports shop.


  • Develops team play, concentration, tactics and strategy


Competition class boules are sold in sets of 3 by different weights, sizes, patterns and hardness and the cost starts from around £50 a set.


The only equipment you will need is a set of boules but many clubs will be able to loan you sets as well as advise where and what boules to buy.


  • Pétanque - pronounced "pay-tank"

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National Governing Bodies

English Petanque Association

Contact Name

Great Yarmouth Petanque Club

Petanque is a very inclusive sport and players from 8 to 80 can play on an equal footing.

Our club night is on Monday nights 7pm to 9pm at the Rumbold Arms. New players are most welcome.

We have two qualified coaches and can teach beginners

Norwich Petanque Club

The club is run as an organisation to enable people to play the game of petanque, or Boules, either competitively or as a friendly relaxing game for all

Bob Carter Centre

Situated at the heart of Drayton the Bob Carter Centre provides a wide range facilities for sports and socialising.