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KickFiit Kids

Friday 14th December


Tuesday 18th December

Mixed Kickboxing

Tuesday 18th December

Choi Kwang Do - Beginners Class

Friday 14th December

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art that predominately involves kicking.

Kickboxing combines both individual growth and social/group interactions, as sport and a general fitness activity. Kickboxing is a fantastic way of getting and styaing in shape. Its fun, energetic and you'll be able to do everything at your own pace.


Visit the British Kickboxing Council club finder: http://the-bkc.com/getting-started/clubfinder/


While exact kit will vary depending on style, and training in particular weapons will usually require you to have your own (although some clubs will lend these out), generally what you'll need is: a head-guard, a gum-shield, gloves (these vary), shin pads, foot-pads and a groin/chest guard. Some clubs will provide you with this kit, but its always nice to have your own!

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