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Football Foundation Community & Education Small Grants Scheme

The Football Foundation is the UK’s largest sports’ charity. Funded by the Premier League, The Football Association and the Government, the Foundation directs £40m every year into grass roots sport.

They have a number of grant categories:

  • Facility grants
  • Community grants
  • Grow the game
  • Goalpost safety grants
  • Junior kit scheme grant
  • Football stadia improvement fund grant
  • Extra time
  • Ahead of the game

Football Foundation - Small Grants Scheme

This funding source can provide up to 90% funding for projects with a total cost of up to £10,000. Funding is available for the introduction of new activity, strip and equipment, training, facility hire, coaches and events.

Who can apply?

  • Applications are welcomed from community groups, youth clubs, football clubs and education establishments.
  • The Foundation also seeks to encourage applications from groups whose income is less than £15,000 per annum.

Who cannot apply?

  • Individuals and profit making organisations may not apply.

Football Foundation - Capital, Community and Education Projects

Capital projects up to £1 million ( typically up to 50% of the scheme value) and Community and Education projects up to £250,000 (typically 65%).

Eligible organisations include clubs, educational establishments and statutory bodies.

For details of both the above schemes contact:

The Football Foundation

30 Gloucester Place

London W1U 8FF

0845 345 4555

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