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Workplace Health

Did you know that physically active people take 27% fewer days off work sick, are more productive and are generally more motivated while at work?

With obesity levels in Norfolk at 20% and climbing, encouraging sport and physical activity around the working day is a great way to impact on the performance of your organisation whilst improving the lives of your employees, and Active Norfolk's Fit4Work programme is here to help.

What is Active Norfolk Fit4Work?

Fit4Work is a project that aims to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle to employees. It is a 'hands on' project - it will provide your organisation with activities for your employees to be involved in, rather than just guidance and advice.

What does the Fit4Work project offer?

The Active Norfolk Fit4Work project offers the following:

  • Fortnightly newsletter - our regular communication keeps you and your employees up-to-date with information on health initiatives, Fit4Work competitions and local sport and physical opportunities.
  • Access to the Workplace Challenge website and smartphone app - a national programme funded by Sport England which enables employees to record their sport and physical activity online.
  • Active Norfolk Corporate Games - our annual sports day for adults!
  • Fit4Work Competition Calendar - lots of opportunities for your organisation to take part in organised activities.
  • Fit4Work Workplace Health Champion Training – We provide RSPH(Royal Society for Public Health) training to employees in the county who wish to act as workplace health champions within their organisations.
  • Fit4Work Bespoke Workplace Health Programme - Active Norfolk can work with your organisation to design a workplace health programme created specifically for your employees. Please note this service is only available to priority workplaces (medium sized+) where support in health and wellbeing will help reduce inequalities in health e.g. those:
    • that employ low income workers
    • in male manual and manufacturing sector
  • Ongoing support for your workplace from the Fit4Work Project Officer.

What are the benefits of being involved in Fit4Work?

Get active, relieve stress and build team spirit

Physically active people take fewer days off sick. Signing up to the Fit4Work programme can impact on:

  • Sickness and absence
  • Staff turnover
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Company profile
  • Workplace motivation, morale and much more
  • Ultimately it can maximise benefits to an employer by increasing productivity

Who can get involved in Fit4Work?

Any organisation of any size can be involved with the project, from the public, private or voluntary sector. From manufacturers to call centres, retail to schools; we can offer something for everyone.

How much does Fit4Work cost?

Fit4Work is supported by Norfolk County Council's Public Health and South Norfolk District Council which allows us to offer this service without any cost to your organisation. Infrequently, small fees may be charged for competitions with exceptionally high running costs. This will be communicated in advance.

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